Today's The Day You'll Question Everything

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What if you couldn't wait to get out of bed every morning?

What if you were so passionate about your work that the paycheck was an afterthought?

What if you could personally make a difference in the lives of others and change the world?

Join us for an epic night of discovery with founder and visionary of Ignite, Tom McDermott, as he challenges us to question everything.

Also ft. stories by Courtney Klein Johnson of Seedspot, Park Howell of Park&Co, Lauren Wong of Changemaker Central ASU and the CEO of Ignite, Dave McLurg.

TIX are complimentary but LIMITED.

Come Curious.


      • Tom McDermott
      • Chief Ignition Officer, Ignite
      • Tom is the concept developer, inspirational teacher and visionary of Ignite. Prior to Ignite, Tom spent 23 years developing, teaching and consulting in bleeding edge technology, including 6 successful start-ups. Tom's motto: "Bring Your Purpose to Life." 

      • Dave McLurg
      • CEO, Ignite
      • Dave is considered a leader of leaders. An accomplished entrepreneur, executive, investor and board member with 30 years of innovation under his belt, Dave leads the Ignite team with determination, strategic intelligence and an understanding of the marketplace. Dave's motto: "Be Great." 

      • Courtney Klein Johnson
      • Co-founder, SEED SPOT
      • Courtney is a speaker, entrepreneur and triathlete. She started New Global Citizens, a nonprofit focused on empowering a generation of young people to help solve problems around the world. She is also the Co-Founder of Seedspot, a nonprofit incubator focused on supporting Arizona's most innovative social entrepreneurs.

      • Lauren Wong
      • Student & Change-agent, Changemaker Central ASU
      • Lauren Wong is a student at the Cronkite School of Journalism at ASU with a minor in Sustainability. Lauren is a change-agent at Changemaker Central on Tempe campus who loves writing, storytelling performing, and appreciating beauty in others. She believes positive change is a good thing, but it must first come from inside.

      • Kelsey Wong
      • Community Activator, Ignite
      • Kelsey is a creator, connector and community activator. She is passionate about helping change-makers, entrepreneurs and community leaders create their own opportunities and make meaningful, sizable, social impact in the world. Kelsey's motto "If you want to change the world, you have to start with you." 

      • Park Howell
      • President, Park&Co
      • My parents often admonished me to "Stop telling stories!" when I was a kid. But I couldn't help myself. So, for 30 years, I've built a career out of storytelling with my ad agency Park&Co. We ignite the growth of people, products, companies and causes that dare to make the world a better place. What's your story?

6:00PM Event starts
6:30PM Welcome by Kelsey Wong
6:40PM Tom asks "Why aren't we solving our problems, large and small, in our communities, nations and throughout the world and what's the common thread that can help us solve all of them?" Followed by "When you're 80, and look back on your life, what will you want to be able to say about yourself and your life?"
7:20PM Courtney shares her story
7:30PM Park shares his story
7:40PM Lauren shares her story
7:50PM Dave challenges you to be great
8:00PM - 10:00PM Kelsey closes and announces after party in Crescent's Patio & Lounge!
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Doors open at 5:30pm and speakers are from 6:30-8pm, followed by an after party in Crescent's patio & lounge til 10pm. Bring your friends and get there early to receive a limited edition ZOX strap. Come Curious!

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